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When tissues have sufficient oxygen levels, healing can and does occur much faster. 


Without Hyperbarics


With Hyperbarics

A session in the Hyperbaric Chamber effortlessly boosts your body's restorative abilities.  Because the chamber is pressurized, oxygen is efficiently delivered to the blood and body fluids including cerebral spinal fluid and lymph. While reclining in a cushioned and comfortable chamber with windows, clients will typically sleep, watch a movie or read, and will emerge feeling like they had the best power nap of their lives.

benefits :

(according to Dr. Thomas Lodi)

  • Stimulates white blood cell (immune cells) production directly and indirectly destroying viruses, bacteria, fungi and cancer cells

  • Increases oxygen delivery from the blood to the tissues…remember healthy cells need oxygen and cancer cells are damaged by oxygen

  • Acts as an anti-angiogenic, which means it inhibit the growth of new blood vessels that feed tumors

  • Oxidizes and degrades petrochemicals and other toxic substances

  • Increases red blood cell membrane flexibility so that they can deliver oxygen even through very narrowed and diseased vessels

  • Stimulates the production of interferon, tumor necrosis factor, and other cytokines, which are needed to fight infections and cancers

  • Increases the efficiency of the antioxidant enzyme systems, which scavenges excess free radicals in the body

  • Stimulates the citric acid cycle, which is how the body produces energy from fuels in the presence of oxygen (aerobic metabolism) also called oxidative metabolism or cellular respiration

  • Increases the oxygen content of the blood and tissues

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